Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hello Saturday!
I plan to update my blog most days Monday through to Friday from now on BUT I am breaking that rule today as I've only just got my blog engine started and it wants to keep running..
This brings me to our two hens, 'Lily' and 'Gertrude' - my three daughters settled on these names after much debate and discussion. We bought them two years ago this Summer and they are one hundred per cent part of the family now. Apart from being great company - they sit at our back door and they follow me around outside - they provide us with one egg each every day, almost without fail.

I really enjoy watching them mooch around our back garden and I love the shapes that their bodies make when they are scratching and foraging. I especially like their tail feathers when they bend over as they look like old fashioned bloomers! I have done lots of hen paintings since they arrived. Here's one I've started recently below..

I'm going to finish this one over the week end and I'll post up the results next week. I like the freshness that it has at this stage so I hope that I don't lose that by overworking it. We'll see...


  1. Love the sense of movement in this one.
    What a combination - providing you with food, company and artistic inspiration.

  2. Thanks BA, yes they are amazing creatures. Considering all of the animals/pets we have had, our hens are the most rewarding all round, hands down!