Monday, 26 March 2012

Sketches in paint 1

This photograph of a grouping of trees is not far from Clifden castle, just outside the town. I took it from quite a distance so the image is a little unclear.

The trees in Connemara are few and far between, mostly Hawthorn which are slow growing and can withstand the harsh weather. They have a tendency to grow in the direction of the prevailing wind as in the photo and appear quite striking. Here's my sketch below -

I chose to straighten the tree in this instance but I am making a mental note as I type to return to this subject again soon. It is done on a blank water colour paper, postcard size. I've used a little charcoal to highlight the shadows and I've allowed the paint to fall down the page where it was thin.


  1. This is really lovely


  2. Thanks Mohala! It's a beautiful sunny day here in Clifden today, the third in a row ( rare in March! ) I'm off to take some photographs and enjoy the weather while it lasts..