Monday, 14 May 2012

Bog Pool

Here is another photograph taken from the Bog Road, between Clifden and Roundstone. The road itself is like a ribbon of tarmac that bumps over the surface of the Bog ( top right of photograph ).
I've used the pool in the front of this picture as the inspiration for the painting below.

This piece is similar to one I finished recently but I've made the water a stronger feature in this one - I am going to do several more paintings about this area because there is much to work on. I've used straight lines to delineate the pool in the foreground where the cut earth has been flooded. I love this play between the uniform lines or human marks left by the bog cutting and the wildness of the place which ultimately takes over.

I worked this in one sitting while paint and ink were wet. I really enjoy the way that these two materials interact with each other and I feel that they lend themselves well to this subject.

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  1. I love the colors, all nuances from the mountains' behind to the blue spot of water, which seems to reflect the sky!...great!