Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Bog Paintings

A supply of paint and canvas arrived in the post last week and so I began some new work enthusiastically with my fresh supplies. I have been thinking about some of my old paintings of the bog which I worked quite heavily with paint, something I haven't done for a while. I decided therefore to apply as much colour as possible at the first sitting and try to build up several layers.
This piece is on a 5 x 5 inch canvas. The composition is based on a section of road that connects Clifden to the village of Roundstone called the 'Bog Road'. I applied the paint thickly and loosely once I had sketched in a rough compostion with charcoal.

Once the first layer of paint had dried, I added more colour, especially to the foreground on the right (below). I felt it needed red but less roughly applied. I also added more green and gold here in small strokes to descrice this little gully at the side of the road. Then I altered the line where the land meets the sky slightly and added a touch of colour to the clouds as they seemed a bit flat..

I left the rest of the painting much as it was. I was keen to strike a balance with this one - not to overwork it (as I am inclined to do sometimes) and to use plenty of paint in layers, in sympathy with the subject.

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  1. Good result, as usual! Bog is interesting matter. As with gorse beforehand, I think I'm falling in love with all these very specific characters of the irish landscape (actually unknown elsewhere)!