Saturday, 5 May 2012

Favourite Blog

I have taken this idea from Elettrarossa, a follower of this blog, a jeweler, creative person, 'Etsian' and blogger herself. The idea is to promote blogs with less than 200 followers and spread the word!
It has not been an easy task but here are my top five - click on the titles to go straight to these blogs.

I discovered this blog recently and enjoy reading about Geninne's latest projects and also her inspiration, which is drawn from her surroundings in Sunny Mexico. The sunlight and colour that breathe through her photographs and imagery make me want to visit this beautiful country.

I met Catherine several times before I discovered that she is a fellow blogger. She spent some time here in Clifden with a mutual friend and taught a series of very successful art classes to local children, mine among them! Catherine also exhibited her paintings while she was in Clifden and we are now the proud owners of two of her wonderful pieces which we all enjoy very much. I am delighted to follow Catherine's blog and would recommend it to anyone interested in contemporary Irish Art.

This blog is written by my sister in law who is living in Brisbane, Australia. It is about her latest project which is the furnishing and decoration of her new house. Tina is Greek Australian and she has taken the Greek word 'Koukla' or pretty thing as a goal for her new home. Following Tina's blog is a way of staying in touch with family and I find her journey an interesting one as a keen home maker myself. Plus we girls like to support each other!

I have just discovered this blog through Shelley Martin is the artist/potter and she was the featured seller on etsy's front page recently which is how I connected with her blog. I love her simple clean style and the purity of her work. It is a great pleasure for me to read about a potter's life as I too made pots for many years.

This is another beautiful blog that I have stumbled upon. Bridget is an artist/printmaker who is originally from Northern Ireland but now lives near Melbourne in Australia. I admire her blog for it's style and the interesting way that she talks about her processes. I especially like her bird prints and the way that she uses line in such a loose and expressive way.

So, that's my list. I hope you enjoy it and thanks again to Elettrarossa for sharing the idea and also for her support. Now it's over to you to play the game if you like. Just download the banner, nominate your own top five bloggers (with under 200 followers) and notify them of their inclusion in your list via a comment in their blog.


  1. Thanks very much Debbie that's great :) Will get to Peppercanister after work hopefully 9pm not too late.. Thanks again for the support, Catherine.

  2. Thanks for the nice words Deb. Love seeing your paintings develop and your lovely photos of Connemara.

  3. They all seem very interesting blogs, I'm going to explore...Thank you for the kind words!