Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Connemara Colour

I took some photographs on a recent walk along the 'Bog Road' between Clifden and Roundstone. This is a protected area so the landscape is preserved and the mountain, bog and lake views can be enjoyed unhindered by dwellings. Along the way I found some lovely old twisted Hawthorns and unexpectedly, a colourful grouping of Willow. Here's a picture of the Hawthorn - I love the knarled branches and the way it has formed itself in the direction of the prevailing wind.

Here's a close up of the leaves and twigs which have a lovely layer of lichen. This combination of green and grey seems like a perfect partnership in colour to me..

Here's the Willow with its colourful and delicate Spring display of catkins (below).

The next couple of photos are close ups of these bright yellow downy flowers. 

They almost have the appearance of tiny sea urchins in water as they move in the breeze.


  1. That hawthorn'd be great as subject of a painting! The amount of plants and flowers of Ireland I've never seen before always enchants me!

    PS. This morning I featured your blog! You're in my top-five :D

  2. Thanks again for the mention - I am delighted to have been chosen!
    Yes, I must try a Hawthorn painting soon - it has such a great shape and so typical of this area. Thanks for your comment!