Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Heron sketch

I returned to the subject of the Heron to day. I approached this one in two stages. The first photo shows as much as I did at the first sitting - I decided to leave a white space for the Heron rather than working it over the background as I did with the last piece.

I completed the sketch when the first layer of paint and ink was completely dry. I also worked in a little more charcoal and some white chalk highlights when the second layer of paint was dry.

There is always the danger of overworking a piece that requires careful detail as with the heron in this case, but I am reasonably happy that I haven't done that here.


  1. its simply wonderful


  2. Hi Debbie,
    I love this picture, and the heron from the previous day. But to be totally honest, it bothers me that neither picture goes out to the edge. Sorry if this is philistine or uneducated. It's not that it's not a square shape, I wouldn't mind if you cut away the unpainted bit, there's just an uneasy niggle inside that wants to take up a brush and fill in the bare bit.


  3. Hi Meg, thanks for that and good to know! Your comments are very welcome and appreciated. I find this loose way of working kind of liberating and I've been indulging myself with it for a few weeks now. I had been doing lots of 'finished' pieces on canvas for the shop and these recent ones were intended as sketches (in paint) and they are all done on paper. I could finish them a bit more carefully though - I wouldn't have guessed that this might be irksome for some viewers and I'll certainly keep this in mind now.