Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunshine, beach and Heron in paint

Last week, I spent some time on Ardmore beach, near Clifden and I took some photographs which I blogged about. Over the week end, I returned to these and made some sketches in paint.

I used acrylic paint, ink and charcoal here on a heavy acrylic paper. The colours are not strictly true to life but I love this combination of blue and brown and I think the two together look exactly how the sea smells, if that makes any sense at all..

The paint is thicker here in places. These sketches are still wet as I photographed them. They were done in one sitting - I might have a look at them again when the paint is dry and make some additions. Here's one below of the Heron. It is done on a light weight coloured paper.

I will add some chalk or white pastel to this one when it is dry just where the rocks have bled in to the sea on the top half of the sketch.


  1. I totally agree with that synesthetic idea of paintings :D

  2. Thank you Elettrarossa, I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. Honestly,this is something I just felt instinctively at the time and I had not given it a lot of thought. The idea of synaesthesia in art is such an intriquing one and you have given me much to think about!