Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday Photographs

I didn't have a blog to post this morning but then I decided to go for an early morning walk in the old graveyard in Clifden and take my camera with me. It is less accessible now and not entirely visible from the road. How delighted I was then to discover such a treasure of wild flowers and plants. The delicate blue and pink blossoms of the bluebells make a carpet of colour on the moss and ivy covered ground.

This old graveyard is no longer in use and many of the tombstones are almost lost. There is only one wall left remaining of the old church, a memory of what stood there before.

I took this shot because the new church building is visible in the background and I love the shape of this weathered old tombstone.

Here's a close up of some of the flowers. These beautiful bell shaped blossoms grow in abundance here, especially in wooded areas and river banks.


  1. Stunning vision! Things like these make your land so...enchanted, and enchanting!

  2. Yes it is true Elettrarossa. I was thinking about the season of Spring to day and how it seems to arrive all at once in all its forms of colour, warmth and scent. How welcome this is after the long Winter and how these flowers that seem to appear out of nothing, remind us about the cycle of life even against the backdrop of a graveyard such as this one.

  3. Such wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them